Recovery Recommendations After Cataracts Surgery In Jacksonville, FL

Cataracts can cause visual deficits that include blurred vision, dim vision, and seeing halos or excessive glare around bright lights. They may also make bright colors look muted or washed out. Stronger glasses and using a magnifying glass when reading may help enhance your vision, however, these measures are only temporary. Because of this, your doctor may recommend cataract surgery, a permanent solution to your cataract-related vision problems. Here are some recovery recommendations after cataracts surgery in Jacksonville, FL.

Finish Your Eyedrops

After your cataracts surgery in Jacksonville, FL, you will need to use eye drops prescribed by your doctor. These prescription eye drops may include antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as drops to lower the pressure behind your eye.

It is essential that you finish all of your drops because failure to do so may result in an ocular infection, eye swelling, and post-operative elevated intraocular pressure.

Keep Eye Pressure Low

Even though your doctor may prescribe eye drops to keep your eye pressure from rising too high after your surgery, there are other things you’ll need to do. For example, you will need to avoid stooping or bending over because doing so increases intraocular pressure.

Climbing stairs and engaging in strenuous exercise should also be avoided because these activities also increase the pressure behind the eye. Your doctor will tell you when it is safe to resume your normal activities when you see them at your post-operative office visit.

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