Reclaiming Your Home From Pesky Pests

Mazes in your furniture and flooring? Minute wings scattered across your foundation? Unfortunately, homes that are built or decorated with wood are prone to experience an infestation of the most infamous of pests: termites. Liable to eat through your home and wallet alike, these tiny critters have a ravenous appetite for the nutrients found in lumber, and will gorge until your home or business is utterly and irreparably damaged.

For all things termite control in Maryland, Viking Pest is your go-to provider of prompt, professional, and permanent solutions. From evaluation to extermination, our seasoned staff of trained technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection of your property and design an appropriate treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. After treating both indoor and outdoor infestations, you will receive suggestions and guidance for how to prevent future invasions.

More than just a run of the mill pest control provider, Viking pest control is proud to offer an extensive and integrated variety of pest control solutions. Because we know that your house is also your home, we use only state-of-the-art products, ensuring that your property is rid of pests once and for all.

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