Reasons Why the Ames 7010099 First Check Device is Ideal for Repairs

A Reduced Pressure Zone Device, also known as an RPZD or RPZ valve, is a plumbing backflow prevention device that is used specifically to protect a variety of water supplies from contamination, primarily by preventing water from flowing back into the supply stream. These devices work great, but can fail like any other. Sometimes, a replacement part might come in handy.

The first check Ames 7010099 device is one of the best on the market for this job, and here’s why.

Trusted Piece of Plumbing

When it comes to parts such as these, Ames has a solid reputation built up over many years, specifically because they offer some of the best devices and valves for such installations. This particular piece of equipment from Ames is durable, rugged and was built to last, with a very low failure rate over time.

Easier to Install

Some first check valve devices will require the entire disassembly of the system, which can be very time consuming and incredibly costly. With the Ames part, however, it’s much easier to install and all that needs to be changed out is the backflow assembly. This greatly cuts down on the time and costs associated with a repair.

Quality That Lasts

One also has to consider the quality. One of the best aspects of Ames’ devices such as the 7010099 is that they’re rated to last for years and years. So this isn’t some stopgap fix until the entire assembly can be upgraded; it’s a permanent solution to keep backflow from contaminating a water supply.

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