Reasons Why a Tree Pruning Service in Norwich CT Avoids Topping Trees

Technicians who offer tree pruning service in Norwich, CT typically refuse to cut the tops off trees, even if the homeowner requests this. The homeowner may feel frustrated with the tree’s growth and want to have it substantially cut back, but cutting off the top is not the answer. The severe cutting back of this main branch, as well as large secondary branches depletes the tree’s canopy, which it needs for photosynthesis. Without that greenery, the tree enters starvation mode and begins sending out numerous new, thin branches in an effort to quickly generate more leaves. Now the tree is not only unsightl; it is unstable and weak.

This isn’t to say that the central leader branch, which is the one in the middle, can never be cut back. Skilled technicians who do tree pruning service in Norwich, CT may be able to cut this big branch back to the point of a large secondary branch. This maintains the aesthetic shape of the tree and prevents the dramatic new growth that occurs with topping. In contrast, lopping off the top winds up with the tree generating groups of branches that look like large brooms up there. The effect is unnatural and not pleasing visually.

Homeowners sometimes think that cutting off the top part of a tree will make it less likely to fall down in a windstorm. However, this essentially causes an alarming amount of damage to the tree. The preponderance of weak new branches actually make the situation more hazardous than it was before. In addition, the tree is further weakened because cutting those large branches leaves wounds that take a very long time to heal.

Another scenario occurs when a tree grows too close to power lines. Homeowners may not like the height of a tree if it creates too much shade. They may need to seriously consider having the tree removed by a company such as Dunn’s Tree Service. They then can replace it with one that doesn’t grow so tall. They also can have tree service technicians prune it regularly during its younger years. This guides the tree to a more desirable growth pattern. Property owners may visit website to learn more about this organization.

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