Reasons to Hire a Tree Company in Arlington to Eliminate a Tree Stump From the Yard

Residential property owners sometimes don’t bother getting a tree stump removed after a tree comes down in a storm. They know the project won’t be free. However, for a few important reasons, it’s best to hire a Tree Company in Arlington to eliminate this dead wood from the yard.

One reason to get rid of a tree stump is its appeal to insects that like dead wood. If those insects turn out to be termites, the homeowner may eventually have a much bigger problem than a tree stump in the yard. Those insects may expand their population, spread and reach the house or other structures on the property. Dead trees also are attractive to ants and various species of beetles that may spread to other parts of the property. A rotting stump may attract stinging yellow jackets that build a nest and rapidly multiply.

A stump left in the yard typically will sprout new shoots that rapidly grow into saplings. This isn’t an aesthetically pleasing tree but instead involves numerous small trees growing around a piece of dead wood. Property owners must keep cutting those sprouts and saplings or use chemicals to kill them. As the leaves obtain nutrients, the tree roots continue to grow even after the new plant growth is removed. Some homeowners experience problems with sewer backups due to tree roots. That’s aggravating, but it may be accepted when the roots are attached to beloved trees in the yard. It won’t be so acceptable when the roots are attached to a tree stump.

As stumps rot and decay, they eventually break down entirely. This could be exactly what the homeowner is waiting for, figuring that there’s no need to have a tree company in Arlington do stump grinding since the wood will disintegrate over time. However, that decaying wood goes down into the ground, typically leaving soft earth and a hole covered by grass. This can easily cause injury if someone accidentally steps into it. Contact Cambridge Landscape for estimates on stump grinding and other tree services. Stump grinding reduces that dead wood to sawdust and prevents any of the potential problems associated with leaving the stump as is.

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