Reasons to Consider the Installation of Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta GA

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

One of the key elements in updating the master bathroom is doing something different with the shower. Those older shower doors function fine, but they look terrible. As part of the renovation, why not look into the idea of installing Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta GA? Here are some of the advantages the homeowner will enjoy with this selection.

Sleek Appearance

One look at any design for Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta GA and the homeowner will notice the style fits in with just about any design ideas for the bathroom. The lack of any type of border or frame provides a simple and sleek appearance which will blend in with any future color changes to the space. This one factor alone makes it worth the time to consider frameless shower doors.

Easy to Clean

Think of all the time it takes to clean shower doors that come with metal or plastic frames. While removing soap scum from most of the glass is not a big deal, cleaning at the points where the glass fits into the frame can be quite a chore. With Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta GA, all that scrubbing and detail work will be a thing of the past. Cleaning the edges will be just as easy as removing residue from the rest of the doors. This means less time spent cleaning the bathroom and more time to do something more enjoyable.


The tempered glass used for frameless doors will ensure that they will not damage easily. This is important for anyone who thinks that frames are necessary to add stability to glass shower doors. The amount of impact necessary to crack or break the glass is more than most families could manage. For this reason, the frameless doors are perfectly safe.

After comparing the styles and the benefits with those provided by other types of doors, it will not take long to see what this option really is the way to go.

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