Reasons to Call a Professional for Service When a Home Has Iron Water in Leesburg, FL

Besides adding salt to a water softener and periodically cleaning the brine tank, most manufacturers recommend yearly service. Below are four important reasons to call a professional once a year for water softener service.

Maintenance and Cleaning

During an annual service appointment, a water treatment expert can recharge the resins and clean out the unit’s brine tank. The technician can sanitize the system and check the brine tank for salt bridging if needed.

Optimization of Settings

Having annual service on a water softener ensures the settings are optimized to save the homeowner money. For instance, if the family’s size has changed, it may be using less water. A local specialist who treats Iron Water in Leesburg FL can adjust valve settings so the unit doesn’t regenerate as frequently.

Necessary Maintenance

Like other appliances, water softeners have moving parts that eventually wear out and require replacement. A water softener should be regarded as an investment in the family’s health and water quality, and proper maintenance can allow the owner to enjoy the advantages of softened water for many years. A professional can keep the system in top condition, which can extend its life and lessen the difficulties posed by Iron Water in Leesburg FL.

Water Assessment

In addition to the advantages listed above, a professional can test the home’s water to ensure no changes have occurred. Even if the home receives water from a municipal supply, changes at local plants can alter the quality of the water. Based on test results, a water quality expert can change system settings, install prefilters, or do other things to ensure continued water quality throughout the home.

Call a Water Treatment Expert Right Away

There are certain situations that warrant an immediate call to a water treatment professional. If softener salt levels stay constant and salt isn’t consumed during regeneration, there’s a serious problem with the system. If the water feels hard and there are spots on the dishes, or if there’s a sudden, sharp decline in water quality, call a treatment pro right away. Leesburg homeowners can contact us for all their water treatment and softening needs.

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