Reasons That You May Need to Hire a Chicago Donor Agreement Attorney

Deciding to have a child with assistance such as egg and sperm donations can get complicated. That’s why it’s important to have a donor agreement attorney in Chicago. This person can help you with the following situations:

Creating a Custody Agreement

A donor agreement attorney in Chicago can assist you if you need help creating a custody agreement. You and the donor may want to put a specific set of rules in place for after the baby is born. You may already know how you want to do visitation and custody, but you want it legalized. An attorney can help you do that.

Establishing Financial Responsibility

Child support is another area where an attorney can help you. You may want to set up a certain amount of child support each week to be established by court order. You may also want to create an order that frees the donor from paying child support at any time. An attorney is the right person to seek to file these documents.

Securing Anonymity

Some donors might choose to be anonymous, and they want to ensure that they will be. An attorney can also assist with the paperwork necessary to put that into place. You can schedule an initial consultation with a seasoned and respected attorney to discuss your unique case with you. He will represent you if it’s possible to do so.


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