Reasons MN Homeowners Choose Granite Countertops

Once you have settled on choosing a natural stone countertop for your MN kitchen or bathroom counters, the next step is to narrow down your choices. While there are some exotic or more uncommon options to consider, most people have the option to choose between granite or marble.

Between these two options, there are a number of reasons why granite countertops are a popular choice in MN remodeling and renovation projects.

Understanding why this is the material of choice can help any homeowners in weighing the options and making the ideal choice based on their specific requirements.

Color and Pattern Options

Granite and marble are formed differently and are different types of natural stone. Granite is also found in areas all around the world, which is very different from the classic options in marble. This results in the stone used for granite countertops having a much wider variety of colors, patterns, and options that suit different kitchen and bathroom decors.

Durability with Daily Use

Granite, like marble, should be sealed, but it naturally harder than marble, which is relatively soft. Granite can stand up to exposure to heat, but it should be protected with the use of a trivet or hot pad. The good news is that granite countertops are less likely to crack or chip during their lifetime than marble or other types of natural stone.

Easy Care

The sealant used on the countertop makes the granite very safe and easy to care for, even in a busy family home. All that is required is a wipe down with a microfiber cloth and warm water with a bit of dish soap. A wipe with a damp cloth should follow, and the countertop will remain shiny and lustrous for decades.

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