Reasons for a Failing Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago

There are many reasons failure can occur in a Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago. When a hydraulic cylinder begins to fail, it is imperative to service is carried out on the system right away. With this information, individuals will be better able to understand the reasons their cylinder might be failing, so they will know to seek repairs immediately.

Reasons a Hydraulic Cylinder Might Fail

Having a cylinder fail on a hydraulic system can be a nightmare and can sometimes lead to other problems in the system. Knowing the reasons for failure can sometimes help individuals to avoid experiencing one with their system. The following are the most common reasons for failure.

  • Seal leaks are one of the most common reasons for cylinders to fail. Seals need to be checked on a regular basis because they can become worn and damaged over time.
  • Fluid contamination is also a big reason for cylinder failure. The contaminants can damage the piston rod or seal surface, leading to cylinder failure.
  • An internally corroded barrel can also be to blame for cylinder failure. Corrosion in the barrel is often caused by contaminated fluid.
  • Damaged rods or piston bearings can also lead to problems with a cylinder failing. This is an issue that needs to be repaired right away, so catastrophic damages do not occur.
  • A cylinder can also fail when it is under extreme heat conditions. During periods of extreme heat, certain types of seals can fail, leading to leaks and cylinder damage.
  • A broken eye bearing can also be the source of a failing cylinder. A broken eye bearing can be caused by extreme pressure or the bearing handling a load that is higher than is specified for maximum weight.
  • Cylinder problems can also develop when the cylinder seal comes in contact with an abrasive chemical that leads to damage. TO know more, click here.

Seek Service Now

If you are dealing with problems with a Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago, it is imperative prompt services are carried out to reduce further damage from occurring. If you are in need of service for your hydraulic system, contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc right away. Allow them to schedule your service call.

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