Quick Questions and Answers About Personal Injury Cases

If you or a loved one are involved in a personal injury accident, sorting through the aftermath can be confusing and stressful. Here are a few common questions – and answers – to guide you on your path to physical, emotional, and financial recovery.

What Might I Be Entitled To?

Whenever someone mentions a lawsuit, it’s easy to think of hundreds of thousands of dollars wind-falling into your bank account. But what are you actually entitled to upon winning a personal injury case? Individual results will depend on your particular injury, but some of the compensation you might be able to seek includes:

  • Medical care costs and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages due to recovery and loss of future earning potential
  • Loss caused by a disability resulting from the injury
  • Mental and emotional effects caused by the event, including the cost of psychiatric care, missed opportunities caused by mental health issues resulting from the injury and more.

What if I Didn’t File a Report Right Away?

In some situations – such as an injury that occurs on government property or in an educational setting – you may be required to fill out an accident report at the time of your injury. While this kind of documentation can be a legal advantage, it isn’t always required.

Thankfully, you can still pursue compensation if you didn’t document your fall right away. Simply compile your own report – as detailed and accurate as possible – and take photos of both the scene and your injury, if possible. This will give your personal injury attorney the information they need to assist you with your case.

What if I Don’t Know Who to Call?

It’s very likely that you have multiple choices for legal counsel in your area, but that doesn’t mean you should simply pick a name from the phone book. The best personal injury lawyer will help you find the avenue that will lead to the greatest possible compensation. It makes hiring a private practice more than worth the fees.

Don’t settle for any legal professional. Look for one with experience in the area of finding compensation for victims of falls and other injuries. Find the best personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale and get the professional, experienced legal counsel you need.

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