Questions To Expect From A Tampa Car Accident Lawyer

Taking advantage of a free initial consultation with a car accident lawyer is a very easy way to get a good idea of the strengths and potential challenges of your case. An experienced Tampa accident attorney will be able to provide a general overview of your case as well as a recommendation for the range of settlement possible.

However, to provide this information you should be prepared to answer specific questions to help the car accident lawyer to h ave a good understanding of the accident. Being prepared and providing honest and complete answers will be important.

Medical Issues

It is very important to have the right medical records to be able to provide that the injuries were a result of the vehicle accident. A lawyer will want to know the extent of your injuries, if you have seen a doctor and are receiving treatment and any information the doctor provided to you about the injury.

Do not minimize injuries or fail to tell the attorney all of the health related issues you are experiencing. The attorney will also need to know if you have had any discussions with the insurance companies about the injuries.

Driver Information

Your car accident lawyer will also want to see information about the other drivers involved. This may be found in a police report, if available, or in information that was collected at the scene.

If you have names and information of witnesses, this is also important to provide to the attorney. The other driver’s insurance information as well as if you have uninsured driver’s insurance (if applicable).

Your attorney will also need you to provide a detailed statement about the accident. It may be helpful to write this down and provide a copy, including where the accident occurred, what the Tampa weather conditions were and other relevant information.

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