Questions to Ask Before Undergoing Teeth Extraction in Bridgeport, CT

In what situation can one think of preserving their wisdom teeth? If a person’s wisdom teeth are fully out and are useful for chewing, devoid of any pain, a dentist may advise steering clear of Teeth Extraction in Bridgeport CT. That said, the patient’s wisdom teeth must also be sufficiently accessible to be effectively cleaned. Unfortunately, less than 10% of the population meets these criteria. What other questions need to be answered when it comes to extracting wisdom teeth?

What is the risk of not extracting wisdom teeth?

There are several risks depending on the situation:

  *    If the tooth is totally impacted, the main risks of not extracting said teeth are the formation of a cyst, resorption of the root of the neighboring molar and subsequent eruption.

  *    If the tooth is semi-inclusive, it is common to see a bacterial infection of the gum or the bone that surrounds the cavity. The removal of the penultimate molar is to be feared, due to the difficulty of thoroughly cleaning this space. Dental decay also lurks in the shadows and is not repairable under the gum.

  *    When the tooth is out but not in its proper position it will generally be very difficult to clean and, therefore, susceptible to decay. These teeth tend to push towards the cheek and make ulcers. Wisdom teeth run the risk of supra-eruption (when the tooth is not in occlusion opposite another tooth, it continues to grow because it seeks help in order to chew) and it ends up irritating the gums. Many of these situations cause pain.

How does one know if they need to extract their wisdom teeth?

It is best to consult a dentist around 18 years of age. Panoramic radiography will show the exact position of each tooth. There are usually just a few symptoms to be concerned about, especially if the tooth has enough space to grow. Many specialists recommend that their patients thoroughly brush their gums during the eruption of the tooth in order to keep the area clean and healthy. A slight redness may appear and will disappear with good hygiene. Normally, the tooth should fully erupt in 2-3 months. Contact us for more information.

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