Questions to Ask a Potential OBGYN in Anchorage

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Health Care

Finding a good OBGYN in Anchorage can go a long way towards helping you feel comfortable and prepared in your birth journey. Many women stay with the same gynecologist or office that they used before pregnancy, while others seek out more specialized care. If you’re looking for a good obstetrician to follow you on your journey, here are a few questions to ask during your visits.

Are You Supportive of My Choices Regarding Birth?

Thanks to advances in birthing practices and technology, there are many different options that women have when it is time to give birth. Some opt to give birth at home, others may opt for a hospital birth, while still others may visit a birth center such as Haven Midwifery and Birth Center.

Which one is better depends on your personal preferences. Make sure that the doctor you are talking to is supportive of your choices. Some may pressure you into a hospital birth, but if you know that is not the option for you, look elsewhere for care.

Are My Symptoms for This Stage of Pregnancy Normal?

Pregnancy is a beautiful state, but it comes with many complications. A good OBGYN in Anchorage will listen to your concerns and won’t dismiss symptoms such as early pain, excess vomiting, and others as normal parts of pregnancy if you bring up concerns.

Can I Bring My Concerns to You?

A good doctor will communicate with you clearly and with good bedside mannerisms. If you feel as if your doctor is dismissive of your questions or concerns, then it is time to find a different professional.

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