Queen Mattresses and the Process of Buying One

Queen sized beds are a great fit for most people looking for a compromise between fit and size. There are five mattresses that ascend in size: twin, double, queen, king and California sized king. Here is a look at the mattress that is fit for a queen. From there, you should be able to decide if this one is perfect for you.

What is a Queen Mattress?

As it says, the queen mattress is the queen of mattresses. Next to the king, its the largest mattress available. The standard queen is 60” x 80” and offers plenty of space for everyone. It does not take as much space as a king will though. Buying a queen mattress in Hattiesburg, MS, is an ideal choice for people living there who tend to spread out while they sleep. That would give them plenty of room to move. Its also an ideal choice for smaller masters or for guest rooms. The great thing about this size is that the sheets and linens are relatively inexpensive compared to ones for kings.

Things to Remember

But the mattress fit for a queen is not without drawbacks. Depending on the supplies used, maneuverability is somewhat limited. The mattress might be too large to be maneuvered into narrow spaces, for example. Another very minor problem is going to be getting the correct sheets. Some manufacturers will label their sheets, “queen”, even if they do not really fit the bed. Buyers should look at the dimensions listed in the package of the sheet to ensure that the product is made to fit their mattress.

Overall Comfort

In terms of room, the queen is a big step up from the twin and double. People with a larger body can still find the mattress a bit too small, but most people will find it roomy. For two adults sharing the bed, each will have about 30 inches wide for their personal space. It is less than if each slept in a king, but then again that being good or bad depends on the couple.

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