Quality Commercial Roofing in Rochester MN

Many people make the decision each year to improve their home. It’s a known fact that home renovations can be costly, both financially and emotionally; however, if done correctly, the renovations can add major value to one’s home.

Before selecting a contractor to handle any renovation, certain steps should be followed to ensure consumer safety. First and foremost, know exactly what needs to be done. Once that is accomplished, ask around for recommendations. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising most of the time. Next, conduct interviews with the candidates. Whether by phone or in person, ask the contractors questions about sub-contractors, licensing, payment expectations, projected start dates, etc.
Once a contractor is selected, a detailed contract should be signed. A payment plan, if not laid out in the contract, should be discussed and agreed to before any work is ever started. Most times a deposit is required before work begins. Deposits vary greatly among contractors and project types because of the materials and skilled labor needed to complete the actual project – so again, this needs to be clearly defined at the onset.

After the project is underway, communication is key. The contractor and client should speak often to make sure that expectations are being met on both ends. IF the client feels that there is something that isn’t done correctly, it is important to tell the contractor immediately. Don’t wait until the end of the project to voice your concerns. Keeping quiet can be costly and time consuming for both parties involved.

Steve Gentry Construction handles Commercial Roofing in Rochester MN. Along with roofing, the company handles new construction, remodeling, basement finishes, and all other general contracting needs. Steve and his crew are professional and happy to help with any project – big or small. Happy to help with any of your construction needs, pictures are available on the website at Stevegentryconstruction.com for viewing of all types of projects they have worked on. Give them a call, set up an appointment and get the project of your dreams underway today. Big or small, they can handle them all.

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