Qualifying for A Medical Scholarship

The challenge of earning a seat in a university in India is one hurdle for aspiring doctors, and there is also the challenge of being about to afford the cost of the MBBS. One of the opportunities that many students take advantage of is the ability to access medical scholarships to help offset the cost of the program.

Not all programs offer medical scholarships, particularly for students who are planning to complete an MBBS abroad. There are also some exceptional scholarships offered by academic advisory programs to reduce the cost of tuition every year, allowing students to dramatically reduce the cost of earning their MBBS.

Understand the Criteria

All medical scholarships have specific criteria that must be met to apply for the funds. Typically, the minimum standards are to attend a specific university and attend as a full-time student. Other types of scholarship may only apply to students from specific areas of India or students specializing in a particular area of a medical study.

Most scholarships are limited in the scope and the funding they provide. A few of the top academic advisory programs and universities offer a full scholarship that applies to all years of the student’s study.

An example of this is the scholarship offered by Spartan Health Sciences University. The scholarship applies to all years of the MBBS program, offering students forty percent reduction in tuition costs. Combining this with the ability to earn during the PG in the USA allows students to graduate free from any student loan debt.

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