Purposes for Carry Deck Cranes That Are Useful to Your IL Construction Co.

Out of all the cranes you could buy or rent for your Illinois-based construction company, you may find that carry deck crane rentals in Illinois are the most useful. Sure, a long-armed boom crane is great if you are building a skyscraper in the city, but most of the smaller construction jobs your company lands can do what they need to do with carrying deck crane rentals from Illinois construction machinery rental companies. Here are some of the purposes for these multipurpose construction machines.

Pick up, Haul, and Clear

Cranes are generally thought of as machines for heavy lifting. In this case, a carry deck crane does more than just heavy lifting. It can pick up, swivel the claw around 180 degrees, and then drop the heavy loads onto the flat carry deck in the back. In fact, that is exactly what the carry deck of this vehicle was meant for. You can use it to transport and deliver really heavy loads of construction supplies, or use it to remove and clear away loads of heavy debris in the absence of a dump truck.

Telescope to Three Stories and Still Pivot

These cranes have a feature that makes them unique in the world of cranes. The boom arm can telescope to about three stories up and still swivel around in a complete circle. You can literally take a load from one side of the street to the opposite side when the street is narrow and your crew is working on both sides of the street.

If you’re interested in renting one of these cranes, contact La Grange Crane Services, Inc.

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