Purchasing New Entry Doors: What Should I Consider?

It’s time to do something about that aging front door. If you’ve never bought and replaced entry doors Westchester NY before, it pays to keep a few basics in mind. Here are three areas you want to consider closely.

Choice of Materials

Homeowners have many options when it comes to entry door materials. You can go with traditional wood or opt for a metal door. There are even vinyl and fiberglass options to think about. All of them can include glass panels if you like. A professional can help you understand the pros and cons associated with each choice.

The Door Style

What sort of entry doors Westchester NY would work well with your home? Always draw inspiration from the design of your home. A door that looks great on a smaller tract home will not do for a Victorian style home or vice versa.

Even so, don’t assume your choices are limited to doors sporting the same style as the current one. There will be at least two or three designs that will work equally well. Remember that choosing a design that is in keeping with the home style will give the house a more unified look.

The Dimensions

Did you know that there is not just one standard size for an entry door? You may need one that 36 inches or one that’s 33 inches. Before starting look at any entry doors Westchester NY, measure the current door and ensure you know the height, depth, and width. Doing so will make it all the easier to confirm that the door you like is available in the right dimensions.

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