Pruning Branches And Additional Duties Performed By A Tree Trimming Service In Norwich CT

Damaged or wilting tree branches can reduce the beauty of a piece of property and may inhibit a tree from growing in a healthy manner. A tree can be pruned by completing the following steps. Afterward, adding a layer of mulch around the bottom of a tree’s trunk that is surrounded by paving blocks will provide a tree with an attractive border and will help soil retain moisture.


• extension ladder

• safety harness and goggles

• gardening gloves

• pruning shears

• rake

• measuring tape

• ground marking paint

• paving blocks

• shovel

• water hose

• mulch

Trimming Branches And Removing Debris

After visually inspecting a tree and determining which branches need to be pruned, an extension ladder needs to be set up next to a tree. A safety harness, goggles and gardening gloves should be worn to reduce the risk of injury. A pair of pruning shears can be used to cut halfway through the first branch that is being pruned. Cuts should be made at an angle from the bottom or top side of a branch. Afterward, another cut can be made at an angle from the opposite side of a branch. The remaining branches need to be trimmed in the same manner.

Branches should not be pulled or twisted while they are being trimmed because it could cause damage to a tree. Debris that has fallen onto the ground can be collected with a rake.

Adding A Border And Mulch

A measuring tape and ground marking paint can be used to mark a section around a tree where paving blocks will be added. Each block should be pressed firmly into the ground until it is stable. Water should be added around the base of a tree if soil is dry. A shovel can be used to add a thin, even layer of mulch to the area that the paving blocks enclose.

If an individual has a lot of large trees on their property that are damaged, they can receive assistance with pruning them by contacting a tree trimming service in Norwich, CT.

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