Provide Your Undercover Officers with an Advanced Warning System

Do you need emergency lights for your highway law enforcement or undercover police cars? If you are looking for a way to help notify people that they are being pulled over by or need to make way for an officer consider federal signal ILS to install in the cars. These lights are a full-size lightbar that is installed on the inside of the automobile beneath the headliner. These specially made LED lights can change colors from white to blue and red when they are activated. From pulling over a suspicious vehicle or catching a speeder, these lights will help notify the driver that an officer is requesting them to pull over. They will let oncoming traffic know that the car on the side of the road is a policeman and they should slow their automobile and be cautious while passing them.

Benefits of Using LED Lights

  • LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours versus the 1,000 hours that traditional lights work.
  • Since these lights last longer there is less maintenance that needs to be done to them.
  • They provide brighter light than traditional lights do.
  • LED lights consume less energy than regular lights do. You will be able to sit on the side of the road with your lights on longer than a car using non-LED lights.
  • They are a highly efficient light source that will cover more area than regular lights.
  • The initial cost of LED lights may be higher than traditional lights however, you save overall when you do not have to replace them as often.
  • The lights are environmentally friendly since they do not contain mercury.
  • They turn on easy even when it is cold out so you do not have to wait for them to warm up.
  • These lights come in a range of vibrant colors from amber to red and blue or white.

Order Your Supplies from an Experienced Company

From laptop mounts to lights you want the finest in equipment when it comes to your emergency department. That is why you should order your supply from a company that has years of experience when it comes to emergency vehicles. A respected business that believes in handling their customers personally when it comes to providing them with their services and products. You should search for a company that is available twenty-four hours a day that can help meet your needs any time you should need them.

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