Protecting Fragile Items When Moving To A New Home

When a family purchases or rents a new home, there will be a need to prepare their belongings for transit. Breakable items will require a bit of extra care when being packaged, so they do not become damaged during a move. Here are some tips that will help in protecting fragile items for a moving excursion.

Purchase Materials To Protect Belongings

It is best to purchase several materials before placing items inside of cardboard or wooden boxes in Austin to help protect fragile items from damage. Packing peanuts and rolls of bubble wrap will work well at cushioning items, so they are less likely to break while in transit.

The enclosure used to house breakables is also extremely important. Many find that using plastic storage tubs or wooden boxes will be much better than using cardboard boxes as they will not tear or dent.

Line Enclosures With Cushioning And Wrap Each Item

Place several inches of packing peanuts in the bottom of the bin or box selected to house breakables. Each fragile item should be wrapped individually with pieces of bubble wrap. The tape will secure the bubble wrap in place, so it does not unravel, possibly exposing portions of the items and putting them at risk for breakage.
When the items are completely wrapped, they can be positioned inside of the enclosure. Additional packing peanuts should be added to the enclosure to keep the items completely surrounded by cushioning.

Secure The Enclosure And Label Appropriately

When items are safely nestled in their enclosure, a final layer of packing peanuts or a few sheets of bubble wrap can be placed over them. Plastic storage tubs should have tight lids secured to the tops of them. The lids can be kept in place with tape for extra protection.

A wooden box will require that a piece of wood be nailed to the top to keep contents from spilling out. Label all containers with fragile items with the words “fragile” or “handle with care” so the moving company will know to be careful when handling them and positioning them in a truck.

When fragile items are being moved, using a service that will help with the packing process can be extremely helpful. They will have Wooden Boxes in Austin available to secure breakables and will make sure the size of each enclosure will suit the contents, so maximum protection is sustained. Visit the website to learn more.

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