Protect Your Milledgeville GA Home Before It’s Too Late

Your roof is more important than you think. Your roof is comprised of several components that work together to keep you, your home and everything in it safe. When any one of these components fails for any reason, it puts the rest of the roof at risk. Let’s explore some of the types of roof damage you might see and why you might need roof installation Milledgeville GA soon.


Shingles aren’t impervious to damage despite the ways they have been improved over the years. Old age can affect the bond of granules on shingles. Shingles can come loose from wind or hail. Other elements impact the condition of your shingles. Another issue is debris on the roof. It’s not safe for you to get up on your roof to inspect it.


Holes are more common than you think. If you have an inexperienced satellite installer working on your roof, they can put holes in your decking. Other issues happen with HVAC installations. Of course, tree branches, pests and other factors can cause holes in your roof. This will lead to water damage, structural integrity issues and mold damage in the future if it hasn’t happened already.


Your roof can leak in a variety of ways. It’s not just holes you have to watch out for. If flashing isn’t installed correctly, you could have leaks around skylights, vents, pipes, valleys or chimneys. Any sort of damage to your decking can cause leaks. You can incur leaks in a number of other ways.

You can’t afford to put repairs or roof installations off because the problem will just get worse. If you’ve been wondering about Roof Installation Milledgeville GA, contact
Roof South LLC immediately.

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