Protect Shipped Goods With Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Not all cardboard shipping materials are created equally. When shipping damageable goods, you want to ensure they reach their destination without a scratch. Pack items in custom corrugated boxes so they’re more likely to reach their destination intact.

Why Use Custom Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated materials contain a zig-zagged strip of material sandwiched between two cardboard walls, creating reinforcement and cushion for packed items. They absorb shock, resist bending and folding, and are resistant to water damage. Large, heavy and fragile items are well-protected by corrugated products.

Ways to Customize Corrugated Shipping Boxes

When you customize the size, shape and folding design of corrugated materials, they’ll better protect your items. Corrugated materials also come in multiple strengths to withstand different amounts of pressure. Finalize your customization with the external printing of shipping messages, logo displays and more.

Custom Corrugated Packing Materials

Further protect your items during shipping by adding custom corrugated packing materials. Space fillers, bracing materials and dividers can are available in customizable measurements to create a snug fit for any package. Alternatively, loose items slip around and are prone to damage.

Where to Find Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Find solutions to your shipping needs at Express Packaging, serving custom die-cut corrugated boxes and shipping materials to businesses in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Browse custom corrugated shipping boxes online or call to receive a quote on all your packing needs.

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