Propylene Glycol E Liquid

You have probably used Propylene Glycol E Liquid without knowing it. People who use vape pens may talk about using PG. You will often find it as being the main substances used in E-liquid. They come in a different level of thickness and this helps you to find the ideal vape for your personal preferences.


Propylene Glycol E Liquid is used to dilute the nicotine in your e-liquid. Another dilution people use is vegetable glycerine (often referred to as VG). The difference between PG and VG is that PG has more of a hit on the throat which some vapers personally prefer.
The dilutions vary from 0.6 to 10 per cent. What you choose depends on how you experience the hit when you vape. We can also customise them to suit your individual personal taste.

A better quality

As with any products, there are varying levels of quality when it comes to PG. Pureinc offers a product made from pharmaceutical grade raw materials that has been manufactured in European GMP facilities, using state of the art equipment and tested extensively before being released. Safety is also an issue, which is why they are put in tamper-proof packaging.

We are here to give you any information you may need. To find out more about our Propylene Glycol E Liquid or the other products that we have to offer please contact Pureinc today and we will be happy to go over any questions you have in more detail.

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