Properly Maintain Your New Tile for Decades of Enjoyment and Use

You’ve just tiled your business and it has a fresh, clean, new look. With the proper tile maintenance, your new tile could last for decades.

However, you’ll need to make sure that your janitorial service has the right tools and products to maintain those tiles. For example, glazed porcelain tiles must never be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, or cleaners containing acid. These products could discolor and break down the grout.

Also, steel wool and abrasive cleaners should never be used on tile, as they can scratch through the glaze. If this happens, water can seep through the tile, causing extensive damage.

From resin discs for granite tile to anti-slip sealers, both stone and ceramic tile require special attention. Tile maintenance is not difficult but does require a skill set and some specific tools.

Tile in bathroom, showers, and spas especially needs careful attention; the use of antibacterial and anti-mold cleaners is vital. In this day and age, it’s important to protect your patrons from contracting a virus or bacteria-borne illness. It’s also important to occasionally renew anti-slip sealers. Maintaining your tiles also means keeping your patrons safe.

Likewise, tile maintenance in kitchens and dining rooms must focus on eliminating harmful bacteria. Degreasers are also very useful in cleaning kitchen tiles; built-up layers of grease can easily contribute to a kitchen fire.

While mild, pH-neutral cleaning products made especially for tile are very safe and effective. These not only maintain your tile like new but are also readily available and cost-effective.

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