Properly Caring For Tile Flooring In Roslyn

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Flooring

When a homeowner decides to have granite Tile Flooring in Roslyn placed in their kitchen, they will most likely enjoy the improvement in appearance it will give to the room. It is important to take steps in caring for tile so it lasts for many years. Here are some tips a homeowner can use to ensure their newly granite tiled floor remains looking like new for as long as possible.

Know The Type Of Granite Used

If the homeowner gets honed, flame-cut, or thermal tile placed in their kitchen, there is a likelihood of dirt becoming embedded inside of the material as it is quite porous in nature. Using polished tile will aid in keeping dirt repelled, but areas utilized often will lead to an accumulation of surface dirt. It is important to take the time to vacuum, sweep, or mop granite tile each day to remove this debris.

Remove Dirt With A Wet Mop

A wet mop can be used to remove dirt from crevices inside porous tile. This can be dipped into a cleaning agent made especially for this type of flooring. A piece of microfiber cloth can then be rubbed across the floor by hand to remove any leftover cleanser from the floor. It is important to remove moisture from the cleaning agent immediately after it is applied. If the cleaner is left in place, it will seep into the porous portions and drag dirt particles inside of them in the process. This can lead to the granite tile looking dirtier as a result. Polished tile can be cleaned in the same manner. Leaving a cleanser on its surface will lead to a hazing appearance. This can be buffed with a clean pad if necessary.

Maintain The Look With Polishing

A power scrubbing machine can be used on granite tile each year to keep it looking like new. This machine can be rented from an equipment rental service or hardware store. Polished granite tile will require a powder polishing session to remove grime if standard cleansers do not work effectively. This is done by a professional tile cleaning service.

When there is a desire to place granite Tile Flooring in Roslyn in a home, finding the right supplier and installation company to do the job is key to a great appearance. Click Here to find out more today!

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