Professional Pest Control in Auburn, WA Can Rid a Crawl Space of Rodents

Many homes do not have a full basement. Instead they have a crawl space between the bottom of the house and the ground. Usually they have cement blocks for sides. They may have a cement or gravel floor. Electrical wires and plumbing pipes are often found in this area. They are called a crawl space, because they are so low that a person cannot stand up in them. Homeowners do not usually visit the crawl space. Over time they can become quite overgrown with spiderwebs and other noxious materials. If there is any small hole in the crawl space wall or flooring, it is not uncommon for rodents to make it their home.

It can be very unsettling for a homeowner to be relaxing late at night and hear rodents running around under the flooring. Beyond being disconcerting, rodents pose a health hazard. Their waste can contain many diseases, some of which are fatal. These serious viruses can be become air borne and seep through the flooring. Rats also enjoy chewing on electrical wiring and even water pipes. They can cause significant property damage in a short amount of time. As soon as homeowners realize rodents have invaded their crawl space, they should hire a professional pest control company in Auburn WA.

These companies provide professional crawl space cleanouts. First they get rid of any rodents and their waste. They deodorize and sanitize the entire area to eliminate any health risks. The crawl space is scoured to identify how the rodents entered the area. Each access point is sealed to prevent the rodents from re-entering the cleaned crawl space. Technicians from the pest control in Auburn WA will also inspect the wood support beams, electrical wiring, water pipes and insulation. They have contractors on staff who can repair or replace any of these items. Once they have completed their task, the crawl space will look and smell like new.

This procedure will protect the homeowner’s property investment. Clean and pest-free crawl spaces add to a home’s value and they definitely impress potential home buyers. Homeowners can contact a pest control company for a free estimate.

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