Problems With Discolored Tap Water Can Be Resolved by a Plumbing Service in Lima, Ohio

When homeowners see discolored water coming from the plumbing pipes, and this is a new occurrence, it may be time to call a company providing Plumbing Service in Lima Ohio. This could be a sign that an old metal pipe has deteriorated and rust is now coming through the taps or into the toilet. Rural property owners may have discolored water coming from a well due to iron content, but they discover this issue as soon as they move in. If the home’s water has always been clear and suddenly develops discoloration, that is troubling.

First Steps

Before calling a plumber, someone in the household should find out whether the municipality has flushed fire hydrants in the neighborhood recently. That temporarily affects water in the area, which is why notices are published in the local newspaper and online. Checking the news or calling the appropriate government agency also can provide information on whether a water main was disturbed, loosening rust inside the pipe that then traveled to the homes of area residents.

Running water from one of the taps for 10 or 15 minutes should clear out any discoloration in these situations. If there is no reasonable explanation for the discolored water, a professional from a Plumbing Service in Lima Ohio should take a look at the home’s plumbing system and determine where the problem is.

Corroded Iron Pipes

Older homes typically have cast iron pipes that rust. Plumbers usually replace those old pipes with plastic or copper ones. The problem will not occur again. Delaying too long could lead to the pipe starting to leak or breaking, resulting in an emergency situation. Plumbers can use video technology to pinpoint areas of corrosion inside the pipes.

Water Heater Issues

In addition, rust getting into the water heater can eventually damage the appliance because of the sediment settling there. The water heater is a separate point to consider, as it actually may be the source of the problem. If only the warm water is brown, an anode rod may need to be replaced by a company such as Bluffton Aeration Services or the entire appliance may need to be replaced. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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