Printed Umbrellas Create Brand Visibility

There is an assortment of diverse promotional items that you can use to publicize your company. At events businesses frequently distribute goodies like coffee mugs, key chains or tote bags, but how many tote bags can one person really use. Likely a potential customer will come home and toss the item in the back of the closet never to be heard from again. In contrast, customized printed umbrellas are a unique, practical and extremely visible promotional gift.

Benefits of Utility

A promotional object is only powerful when the recipients actually utilize the items, creating widespread company recognition. As mentioned above, most commonplace promotional items are thrown away or stored out of the public eye. However, umbrellas are pragmatic, as many people keep them in multiple locations in the car, office or home in case of a sudden downpour. There seems to be no such thing as an extra umbrella, and your company logo is easily added to the rotation.

They are also recognized as a more expensive item because many individuals pay substantial sums for an adequate umbrella. However, your business can purchase printed versions for a substantially lower cost. Therefore, you are not only providing a hire quality item, but also appear more generous.

Substantial Visibility

While your logo on smaller items, like pens and key chains, can get lost even when in use, umbrellas provide a sizeable canvas for your message. In addition, a colorful canopy is substantially more noticeable in a sea of black coverings than a pen lost among a multitude of writing utensils in a colorful pencil holder. Your custom printed umbrella will catch the eye of all who pass it, in fact, the more colorful your message, the more notable your company.

In addition, the visibility of your message is not restricted to rainy days. Umbrellas are also used to shield against the sun particularly at golf and other sporting events as well as at the beach, increasing your promotional impact.


Not only will an umbrella stand out from the monotony of black, but it will also last longer because, unlike other items, they are not easily broken or tossed. People will hold on to it as long as it protects them from the rain, and frequently it takes years for them to deteriorate. Therefore, one recipient of a unique printed umbrella could continue to promote your company for years to come.

Printed umbrellas are a unique but important strategy in communicating your brand. Through their high visibility and long-term usefulness, printed umbrellas go beyond traditional generic promotional items. Set yourself apart from the masses. For more details Click Here.

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