Preschool in Rockville, MD Emphasizes Faith-Based Learning

Learning today does not begin with enrollment in kindergarten. It starts with faith-based learning programs – programs that teach children about religion and history at an early age. Parents who see the value in this type of approach are seeking a spiritual grounding for their children – one that initiates them early in practicing and sharing their faith.

Preparing Your Child for the Real World

So, if you are seeking a preschool in Rockville, MD, you need to carefully review the curriculum and programming. The schools you choose for your child should provide a play-based environment, and employ an integrated curriculum. Programming is normally provided for children from six months to five years old.

Parent education and family education workshops are nice complements to this type of educational venue. Both faith-based and secular studies make it possible for students to obtain the optimum spiritual and educational rewards.

An Example of a Faith-Based Learning Program

One of the places that offers this type of format is the Congregation B’nai Tzedek Jewish synagogue. A preschool that is featured on site makes it possible for young children to observe their Jewish values and traditions. The goal, in this type of setting, is to strengthen the family and home environment while upholding religious tenets.

When children attend a preschool that is faith-based, they are better able to grow in their religious knowledge as well as deepen their devotion and level of observance. The goal of this observance is making both children and adults feel that they are accepted and connected to a congregational and spiritual community.

When a child’s education extends beyond a secular atmosphere, he or she finds value and meaning in their faith and its practices. The earlier a child has the opportunity to take part in this process, the earlier they can take what they learn spiritually and apply it to both socialization and study.

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