Preparing Your Little One For Kindergarten: What Parents Can Do To Help

Both an exciting and stressful time, kindergarten is one of the first big milestones that a child will experience. Especially during the transition period, it may be difficult for kids and parents alike to adjust. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prepare your little one for change:

Set a Routine

From a snack after school to reading before bed, a routine will help your child to remain comfortable as she goes through such big changes. In particular, an evening schedule and set bed time will help her fall asleep easier, ensuring that she (and you!) are well rested the next day.

Discuss Positives

Though they may seem slight to you, every change in your child’s day is of huge importance to her, and she may struggle with so many adjustments at once. From making new friends to learning tough lessons, keep her engaged by talking about her day at school, focusing not just on what went right but the silver lining of what didn’t.

Get Involved

From cooking breakfast and coaching soccer to picking her up and parent-teacher conferences, there is little you can do to better soothe your child than by remaining an active part of her life. Be present, and communicate. As she ages, this bond will only get stronger.

Practice at Home

Whether she is learning how to read or still practicing her letters, every day in kindergarten is a brand new opportunity for your child to develop new skills. Keep up the practice at home with family activities, and work on healthy behaviors that will foster her autonomy and confidence.

At Alpine Montessori, we believe that the heart of education lies within each student. We value self-expression and optimize personal strengths to ensure that your child’s academic growth is directly linked to her growth as an individual. To learn more about our unique approach, or to enrol your little one in one of our renowned programs.

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