Preparing For A Visit To One Of The Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale Wa

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Dentist

When baby teeth start emerging through the gums of a toddler, going to one of the Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale Wa in the near future is best. It is important to get the teeth checked over by a professional at an early age. Youngsters will need some assistance in caring for their teeth so they do not deteriorate. Here are some tips to make tooth care easy for a toddler.

Brush The Teeth Along With The Child

Teaching a young child how to brush their teeth the right way is a challenging endeavor. If a parent or sibling brushes their own teeth along with the child, the toddler will mimic the actions of the elder family member. Encourage the child by telling them when they are doing a good job in the movements needed to get the teeth clean.

Use Music And A Timer When Brushing

The use of music during tooth-brushing time will make the session fun for a child. Keep a compact disc player in the bathroom or program a cell phone with a two-minute song the child enjoys. Play the song each time the toddler brushes their teeth and encourage them to continue brushing until the tune is complete.

Use Activities To Get The Idea Across

Getting a toddler excited about their new teeth will help them to keep on top of cleaning them as needed. Show a child several magazine pictures of people smiling. Ask them to point to those with the whitest teeth. Read books about tooth care and watch children’s videos about the proper way to brush the teeth as well.

Take A Tour Of A Dental Practice

A trip to a dental office to take a look around with the child in tow will help to familiarize them with the people who will be tending to their teeth as they grow. Call one of the Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale Wa to set up an appointment for a walk-through at a time when patients are not being cared for. The child will meet with staff members and get the chance to sit in a dentist’s chair if desired.

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