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by | Oct 22, 2021 | Auto-Products

Serpentine Belts and Accessories

When you open the hood of your vehicle, you will easily notice a serpentine belt. This critical component plays a key role in the cyclical mechanics of the powertrain. This simple part is connected to the alternator of your vehicle for reliable generation of electrical power as needed. Such a conventional belt also controls the crankshaft and other interconnected parts that ultimately propel your car. The serpentine belt must be tightened to the appropriate tension for optimum performance. Therefore, a serpentine belt tensioner is readily available for optimizing and maintaining the correct tensile properties as recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Engineered to minimize vibrations and other mechanical movement from continuous combustion, such auto parts are made of high-quality materials. Premium Auto Products is a business that carriers a large selection of serpentine belt tensioners from the reputable MICHELIN brand. These components are also designed to resist dirt, grime and debris from the road.

Idlers and Guide Pulleys

An idler under the hood of your automobile is supposed to align the existing belts. This type of auto part is designed to mitigate noise, vibrations and friction from normal movements. When the engine operates at low tachometer levels, the idler prevents sudden surges in output. Additionally, guide pulleys also provide essential support for belts and other connected systems in the powertrain. The guide pulleys create natural mechanical leverage for the moving belts.


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