Potential Reasons Your Garage Door May Not Be Working

There are dozens of reasons that your garage door may be acting up, although some are much more common than the rest. There may be times you can repair an issue with your garage door, but in most cases, it’s better to leave that job to the professionals. They have the experience and the access to garage door parts in Vero Beach, FL. Let’s look at why your door may be having issues.

Batteries Dead on Transmitter

Your transmitter must have power to do its job. If the batteries die, it’s not going to send a signal to the door. This might seem like an obvious thing, but you’d be surprised how often it comes up. This is one of the situations where the fix is manageable by anyone. All you have to do is swap out the batteries and you’re good to go again.

Misaligned Photo Eyes

On each side of your garage door, in the interior, you’ll find that there are photo eyes. These function as a safety option and prevent the door from closing if someone breaks the beam of light between the two eyes. Sometimes, over time, these can become dirty, which causes them to stop working. They can also become misaligned. First, clean the eyes. If that doesn’t help, you may need to make changes to the alignment of the eyes themselves.

Track Is Misaligned

This is a major issue and one that requires professional service, along with their garage door parts in Vero Beach, FL. You can determine if the door is misaligned by listening for a rubbing noise when the door hits a certain area of the track, whether opening or closing. Rather than risking injury, be sure to have this repaired by a professional who knows how to handle these types of problems.

Broken Springs

his is another situation where you should not handle the repair on your own. If you hear a loud banging noise from the garage, it’s likely a spring has broken. If this happens, you should immediately get help from an expert. You should not try to operate the door until it has been inspected and the spring has been replaced. It is highly dangerous, so be careful.

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