Post Bail in Record Time With a Fast Bail Bond Company in Glendale

Post Bail in Record Time With a Fast Bail Bond Company in Glendale

Posting bail is your first order of business after getting booked. Nobody wants to get booked, and everybody wants to post bail as quickly as possible. How do you do that? Call an experienced, efficient bail bond company in Glendale. Here’s how it works.

Available 24/7

Capable, professional bail bond agents are available around the clock. For the initial phone call, all that you require are the city/state, the name of the jail, and the full name and booking number of the person in jail.

With this info in hand, the bail bond agent can proceed. Usually, the next step entails obtaining the bail amount. The bond is typically 10% of the total bail amount. It serves as the bail bond agent’s nonrefundable fee.

Easy Payment Options

If the court sets your bail at $100,000, your bail bond agent’s fee is $10,000. To pay the fee, you can use a variety of forms that vary between bond agents. One bail bond company in Glendale might accept cash, credit, debit, and cashier’s checks.

Another might only accept cash and credit. The most customer-oriented bail bond companies accept many different forms of payment: all of the above as well as PayPal, electronic bank transfers, etc.

Collateral and Payment Plans

If you have trouble coming up with the bail bond agent’s fee, there are options. Having a cosigner or an indemnitor on your side raises your chances of obtaining a bail bond. Depending on your credit, living situation, and work history, you might qualify for financing.

It also helps to put up collateral, an item of value that the bond agent can convert to cash in the event that you fail to appear. Acceptable collateral includes real estate, cars, jewelry, and firearms. Visit Sanctuary Bail Bonds at for more info.

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