Portable Misting Fans to Keep Cool

There are certain times when a regular old fan is just not enough to keep you cool. This is especially the case for activities that require you to be outdoors on a muggy, hot day. Fortunately, portable misting fans will provide you with cool comfort whether you are relaxing on your back deck or playing a vigorous game of volleyball.

These portable wonders are typically made up of a high-pressure pump, a stainless steel misting ring and a powerful fan that works effectively to vaporize water into a cooling mist. In situations where you need to cool a larger area, you can simply combine one or more misting fans or add a couple portable pedestal fans.

Residential Patios and Decks

Your patio or deck is essentially and extension of your house. However, in the middle of the hottest months of the year, it can be much too muggy and hot to enjoy spending time outdoors. When you use a portable misting fan, you will be able to enjoy all of your outdoor living areas throughout the entire year.

Sporting Events

You do not have to worry about the heat when you set up the horseshoe stakes for your next barbeque in the backyard. Your guests will have the time of their lives playing in the cool produced from your portable misting fans. These fans are so easy to use and set up, you will even be able to take it with you to set up a misting system to keep everyone cool during soccer games, little league games and even beach volleyball games.

Restaurant Patios

You can increase the revenue of your business by offering al fresco dining. However, it is seldom as appealing with the weather is muggy and hot. Expand the hours of patio dining and increase your business flow by setting up a misting fan to keep your customers cool.


Backyard pools and community pools alike will benefit from the use of portable misting fans, which will make everyone much more comfortable. On the patio or in the cabana area, it will provide a nice place for people to keep cool and out of the way of pool traffic.

Livestock and Pets

High heat can be dangerous for livestock and pets. Therefore, a portable misting fan is ideal for chicken coops, horse barns and near the dog house. They will also do a great job of keeping sheep herds and cattle cool.

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