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One of the most frustrating things about plumbing problems is that they can be difficult to diagnose. Even if a plumber can identify which pipe is clogged or broken, they might not know where in the pipe the problem is happening. In the past, this could lead to wasted time and effort, increased expenses, and significant mess. Fortunately, modern diagnostics have made it easier for Plumbers in Hillsboro, OR like Clog Busters LLC to find and diagnose plumbing problems.

Pipeline Video Inspection

One of the most important diagnostic tools that modern plumbers use is pipeline video inspection. This involves using a small camera on a flexible line to inspect pipes and joints. The plumber usually inserts the camera into the pipe through the cleanout access or other entry-point. Then the camera is run through the lines and the plumber looks for any irregularities.

Diagnostic and Preventative

While video inspections can help locate problems, what many people do not realize is that they can help prevent problems. Invasive tree roots are one of the main problems with slow draining or clogged sewer lines. However, they may be invading the sewer lines long before they cause detectable problems. Regular inspections can help plumbers spot these issues before they become bigger problems.

Benefits of Video Inspection

With video inspection, plumbers can highlight the problem areas. This means more specific targeting of the problems. If the plumber needs to get into a wall or other structure to access the pipes, knowing the exact location minimizes damages to a home. Video inspection can also help identify where exterior pipes are broken, which not only helps make repairs more precise but can lead to more accurate estimates that can help a homeowner decide what type of repair to choose.

Find Out More

Video Inspections provide plumbers with the information that they need to provide accurate and reliable time and financial estimates for repairs. In addition to video inspections, plumbers can fix main water lines, interior and exterior plumbing, and slow or clogged drains. To find out more about how plumbers in Hillsboro, OR can quickly diagnose a plumbing problem Click Here.

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