Plants That Do Well in Backyard Pond or Wetland Landscaping in Westport Connecticut

With the proper permits, residential Landscaping in Westport Connecticut can include the construction of a backyard pond or wetland. Some land in this region is naturally swampy. Property owners can use that feature to attract wildlife and enjoy a natural setting instead of viewing it as a disadvantage. Birds, in general, are attracted to water features, and the homeowner will enjoy being able to watch many species of feathered friends coming for a drink and a bath. If the property needs more tree cover to help birds feel safe, landscaping professionals can plant deciduous and evergreen trees that the customer most prefers.

Professionals who provide service for Landscaping in Westport Connecticut also can advise the property owner about plants that are very suitable for bogs, marshes, and damp land. Various kinds of ferns, for instance, thrive in shady, wet conditions. For parts of the property that are damp and sunny, certain wildflowers, as well as iris flowers and marigolds, are likely to do well. If there is enough water, the landowners might even want to have cattails growing along the edges of a pond or small marsh. For trees and shrubs on the damp land, a company such as Northeast Horticultural Services can make recommendations and do the planting. Dogwood, willow, cottonwood and various types of maple trees do well in these conditions. A backyard pond will support water lilies, creating a fragrant and lovely enhancement.

The landscapers must consider several factors when determining which plants are best for this particular piece of land. The level of moisture and how often the soil is saturated is an example. The amount of sunlight and shade needs to be evaluated, as does the size of the pond or wetland.

People who have grown up around a marsh or swamp will feel nostalgic about the various plants that spring up naturally in these areas. The sight of cattails and wildflowers along with willow and cottonwood trees will make them remember sunny days and wet shoes as they traipsed along the muddy trails, searching for frogs and listening to red-winged blackbirds. Visit the website  for more information on this particular landscaping company.

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