Planning for Commercial Parking Lot Excavation in Guilford, CT

If a new driveway, tennis court or parking area is planned for a commercial property, one of the first steps will be having the space excavated. This is a necessary step for a number of reasons. An excavation will help to remove large rocks or other features that make it difficult to perfectly level the land. It removes brush, bushes and topsoil so that a good sublayer of soil can be added to create a solid base and it is often needed to reroute plumbing and sewer lines.

Excavation in Guildford will be done in a manner that will enable the area to drain properly once the project is built. This will prevent damage to the paved area from water runoff or erosion of the soil underneath due to the moisture level in the ground. The excavation process may be able to be completed in a single day, or it may be a multi-day process. This will depend on the size of the area being cleared, how much the grade of the site needs to be built up and the weather conditions.

The company completing the project will obtain the necessary permits for the work and will contact the utility companies, if necessary. Business owners should be aware that the noise, dirt and equipment will interfere with their business. The area being excavated will be marked off and impassable during the entire project. The surrounding area should also be protected to prevent accidents and delays in the work. It may be necessary to close during the days when excavation and paving are being performed.

Excavation in Guilford CT is an important step in the creation of any paved surface. It is a messy process that can make the area look worse before the improvements begin. Luckily, it is a step that is often quick to complete and, when done correctly, it will be what makes the final feature last longer, be more functional and look better. Atwater is able to create a new paved surface as well as repair and improve existing parking lots, tennis courts and more.

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