Pet Grooming in Olathe, KS Does More Than Keep Pets Looking Fabulous

It’s a well-known fact that dog and cat owners want what’s best for their pets. Pet Grooming in Olathe KS is just one of many responsibilities that they take on, but it is one that should not be overlooked. The advantages of having a cat or dog professionally groomed go beyond just looking fabulous. It also comes with a variety of health benefits.

Dirt and Oil Must Be Removed From the Skin

When pets go for too long without a bath, they accumulate all kinds of dirt, debris, old fur, and oil on their skin and in their fur. This can lead to uncomfortable matting, which not only causes skin problems, but also creates a perfect environment for breeding fleas and ticks. Taking a well-loved pet to the groomer helps avoid dirt and oil buildup and matted fur, increasing the pet’s comfort and decreasing the likelihood of potentially dangerous infections.

Untrimmed Nails Lead to More Serious Health Problems

If pets have long nails, they will have to walk on the sides of their pads, drastically affecting their gait. In the short run this causes pain and discomfort. In the long run it can contribute to the development of arthritis in the animal’s legs, paws, and hips. Trimming nails can be dangerous if performed by someone without experience, as dogs have blood vessels that grow into the base of their nails. Cutting them too short can thus lead to blood loss, and leave open sores that will be prone to infection.

Ears and Eyes are Prone to Infection

If not regularly removed, that crust that forms in the corner of pets’ eyes can cause sores and lead to ocular dysfunction. They must be fully removed to prevent excessive eye watering and discomfort. For many dogs, cleaning the ears is a similar challenge. Failing to regularly remove buildup and hair from inside the inner ear canal risks painful ear infections and inflammation.

Although the occasional bath can be performed at home, professional Pet Grooming in Olathe KS is essential to maintaining comfort and good health. Visit the website to find more information and a valuable resource for connecting with professional groomers.

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