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by | Jan 30, 2017 | Pest Control

Pavement ants are the most-encountered ants that can appear inside of the home. The ants, which are about 1/16” to 1/8” long, vary in color from brown to black. The ants feature two nodes and a 12-segmented antennae. The ants are called pavement ants because their colonies are often found beneath sidewalks or building slabs. They may also form colonies beneath large rocks.

Foods that Pavement Ants Eat

According to specialists in pest control in Mount Vernon, WA, the ants often create small soil particles or sand piles close to cracks in concrete slabs or foundations. The ants are attracted to various foods, as well. While they regularly feast on nectar, sugar, syrups, and fruits, they especially like to consume greases or meats that are left behind from food preparation.

Getting Rid of the Insects

The social insects become big annoyances for homeowners when large groups of the pests infest a homeowner’s patio or kitchen. That is when you need to call in a pest control technician to annihilate the problem. Because the ants sting and bite, they need to be exterminated when they start invading your living space.

Take Care of the Problem Professionally

Pest control specialists also indicate that pavement ants may set up camp inside of your yard before they enter your home environment. Known as house ants, the small pests can become a big headache as they begin to accumulate. In order to extinguish the problem once and for all, it is better to have the ants professionally removed and set up preventative measures to keep them out of your house in the future.

Preventing Entry

In order to prevent the ants from accessing your premises, seal off the entrance areas. Also, caulk cracks, windows, and doors. Non-toxic ant deterrents, can also ward off the very small insects. Talk to a pest control technician about your options in this respect.

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