Personalize Your Living Space with Colorful Custom Rugs

Area rugs are a simple, effective way to transform the look of a home. They create a smooth transition between rooms and help to provide a sense of symmetry among furniture pieces. Although most rugs come in a standard set of sizes, this may not work well for unique or hard-to-fit spaces. In those instances, Custom Rugs let you select the desired size, shape, material and color of carpeting to best match your decor.

Custom Area Rugs Add Versatility to a Space

Fortunately, area rugs are a relatively inexpensive way to decorate. Many homeowners choose to custom order two or three rugs per room. This allows you to change the rugs when you alter your other furnishings. Rugs can also be switched to accommodate the different seasons. You can have a warmer, traditional-style rug for the winter and incorporate a hypoallergenic seagrass rug in your home during the spring or fall when allergies are more bothersome.

Get the Exact Color You Desire

When purchasing Custom Rugs, you don’t want to settle for a shade that is a close match. Finding the ideal color, design or print is much easier when you place a custom order. This allows you to view all the styles in one location instead of traveling to numerous retailers for just the right color or print. By spending a little extra, you can select a rug that accents every aspect of a room.

Protect Heavy Traffic Areas

For homes with beautiful hardwood flooring, area rugs create a protective barrier so floors don’t experience uneven wear. These practical rugs help prevent scratches and scuffs from footwear and are also a smart way to keep food and drink spills from damaging hardwood. By choosing a rug made from slip-resistant materials, you can make your home safer for guests.

Different Types of Carpeting Material

The type of rug material used is also an important factor. Natural rugs, like those made of sisal, are an excellent eco-friendly choice that blends well with detailed prints or decorative furniture patterns. Seagrass is another natural material that is very affordable, water resistant and simple to clean, making it ideal for households with small children or pets. Traditional carpeting is the best solution for providing warmth and noise reduction in homes.

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