Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT for Substantiating Slip and Fall Injuries

Many accidents that get someone hurt are due to negligence and are totally avoidable. If a person is hurt to no fault of their own in a public establishment, the owner of the business may be liable. Slip and fall accidents happen most often in retail stores and places under construction. The owner of a business is supposed to make sure the premises are safe. If a part of the property is damaged and unsafe for visitors, it is expected that the owner gets repairs in ample time. If the hazards are ignored, and someone gets hurt, that person is entitled to compensation for the damages.

When a slip and fall accident happens, as much evidence should be obtained as possible. Pictures should be taken, and the injured person should have a medical evaluation right away. The doctor administering the exam should know how the accident happened and the nature of the perilous conditions. This can be used as evidence in court. Witness testimonies are taken. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT gets help from individuals who have expertise in certain areas of the field. These people are able to determine if the injuries are directly linked to the safety hazards that exist on the premises. The law firm of Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP do all the heavy lifting for the case and arrange meetings with land owners and their insurance companies.

It is vital to know the health prognosis of the injured person. If the injuries are expected to have a long, complicated recovery, there may be eligibility for supplemental or social security income. Supplemental security income is unearned financial assistance for those with a temporary injury or an injury that limits their ability to work. These benefits can be collected in adjunct to compensation for slip and fall litigation. Insurance companies create obstacles for those entitled to compensation. Their primary goal is to grant the injured as little as possible for a settlement. These tactics are all an effort to meet their bottom line. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT sees to it that insurance providers don’t take advantage of their clients.

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