People who’ve never been in a Taxicab need basic information about Airport Shuttles in Fort Myers FL

People who have lived in rural areas their entire lives may never have been for a ride in a taxicab and may be unsure what exactly to expect. Planning a trip to southwestern Florida with an airline and including a hotel stay may spark interest in airport shuttles in Fort Myers FL if these individuals don’t want to rent a car. They don’t know their way around the city, and they don’t feel comfortable about driving there. With a shuttle bringing them from the airport to the hotel and then back to the airport on their day of departure, their trip is more convenient.

Airport shuttles in Fort Myers FL have an advantage over standard cab rides in that they charge a flat fee that is typically less expensive than a metered rate. The rates may be posted on the company’s website, or the customer may need to call for information. A company such as A Better Taxi posts rates to a variety of locations so people can easily found out ahead of time what they’ll pay, depending on where they need to travel from the airport. This type of organization not only transports travelers around the Fort Myers area, but south to Naples and Marco Island, and north to Port Charlotte. In fact, the shuttle service brings people to other parts of the state, but customers must keep in mind the rates are higher when traveling out of the general immediate region.

People who have never ridden in a taxicab may wonder about etiquette. The driver will likely put their luggage in the trunk or in the backseat with the passengers, depending on their preferences. Even if only one person needs the shuttle service, he or she should still get into the back and not in the front passenger seat. Taxi drivers appreciate it if their passengers don’t eat food or drink beverages in the cab because there’s always the risk of something spilling. Hot food also can leave aromas that the next passengers aren’t thrilled about. It’s certainly OK to converse with the driver and to ask questions about Fort Myers and southwestern Florida. Being polite and considerate will keep everyone happy.

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