Pediatrics Offers More Than Vaccines

As parents, you have the responsibility of making decisions in the best interests of your children. This means providing the top medical care both for health issues as well as part of preventative care.

Pediatricians are doctors specially trained and experienced in children’s health issues. However, pediatrics goes far beyond just the medical issues to encompass child mental health, development, behavior and even to provide support and education for parents.

The Basics

Children from birth to 18 years of old are often seen by pediatricians. However, there are no hard and fast rule and many parents transition older kids in their teens from pediatrics to the family physician before the age of 18.

Generally, if a child has a chronic health issue, developmental delays or has a high likelihood of developing a health condition because of family history or genetics, the parents will continue to use a pediatric specialist for as long as possible.

A pediatrician will work with parents to provide vaccinations, overall physical and mental health screenings, regular office visit care and treat children for any diseases or conditions that may occur. They may even work with children that are involved in athletics or other types of special events to make sure they are staying safe and not overtaxing their developing bodies.

Parent Support

One of the most important services of Pediatrics is to support parents. This means answering questions parents may have about their children and taking the time to explain possible health issues and treatment options.

The pediatrician is often a trusted resource for the parents. This can include addressing possible developmental delays or differences and helping parents understand overall care for the child. This is particularly important for new parents or for parents who may be overwhelmed in caring for a child with significant or chronic health issues.

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