Pain Management Physicians in Plano TX Provide Treatment For Various Symptoms Of Varicose Veins

By a certain age, most people have seen someone with varicose veins or noticeable spider veins on the legs. This might be an older male relative who developed spider veins after gaining a lot of weight, or it might be a female relative who developed varicose veins during pregnancy. In many people, problem veins occur for no apparent reason, although the disorder tends to run in families. These issues are very common, and sometimes the individuals need Pain Management Physicians to help them deal with the situation. They may opt for treatment to eliminate those veins altogether, especially varicose veins that are causing significant unpleasant symptoms.

Varicose veins become evident as enlarged and twisted vessels that can easily be seen under the skin. They can cause pain and feelings of heaviness in the legs since blood is pooling there due to faulty valves. The legs, ankles, and feet may swell. Unless the person is able to sit or lie down with legs elevated, the cardiovascular system has problems sending that blood back to the heart. Wearing compression stockings also can be effective. Walking actually helps, but people with the disorder may dislike walking because their legs feel so uncomfortable and fatigued. This is one form of a health condition known as chronic venous insufficiency or chronic venous disease.

Skin irritation also can occur. This may be in the form of a red, itchy area or a full-blown rash. In severe cases, skin ulcers and infections of those sores develop. Pain Management Physicians in Plano TX cover the ulcers with specialized treatments and topical antibiotics. The patient may need oral antibiotics to eliminate a skin infection. When skin issues occur, it’s critical to obtain a professional diagnosis at a facility such as Texas Pain Network. The patient may assume the problem is caused by a venous disorder, but something else may be wrong. In addition, skin ulcers connected with venous insufficiency often become chronic and do not heal fully. That can turn into a much more serious problem if infection sets in. Please visit the website  for information on this particular medical clinic

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