Pacifica Project in OMR

One of the four major metropolitan cities in the country, and a very important port city essential for trade routes from all over the world, Chennai (erstwhile Madras) is a city of rich merchants and businessmen. Moreover, the IT industry has also gained a vast momentum in the city, making it a hub of IT professionals working in various MNCs. With the pay scale this section of the society in Chennai has, there is a growing demand of luxurious housing options.

The first preference was the luxurious bungalows, which due to lack of space were limited and were booked too quickly. Now the people are turning to the second feasible option, luxurious apartments in residential cities like Old Mahabalipuram.

If you’re looking for a similar apartment to make it your home, we have a good news for you. A reputed builder, Pacifica Companies, credited with some of the most spectacular estates in the United States, is now coming up with similar towers in various cities of India, including Vadodara, Pune and Chennai.

Twin towers called “Happiness Tower” and “Pride Tower” have already been laid down near Old Mahabalipuram Road. Flats in OMR are being presumed to be amazing.

Some amenities being offered by the world class builders in their Chennai Project include;

a. A fitness center: for the youth of the country, especially those working this hard, needs to maintain a good shape. This is why the towers by Pacifica Companies in Chennai plan to include a fitness centre with a swimming pool, a gym, badminton and squash courts and a spa. Other such facilities include a game room, a billiards table and a discotheque.

b. Cards room and multi-purpose hall: for the older, retired residents of the society, the builders seek to include a card room and a multi-purpose hall where they could come together to enjoy a peaceful activity.

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