Outdoor Banner Stands: Promote Your Business In Any Weather

Outdoor advertising is an ideal way to promote a business. Banners that can stand up to wind, rain, and snow, are a low cost but highly effective choice in local advertising.

Using outdoor banner stands and specialized banners that are durable, eye-catching and customized to your business will always create attention. Additionally, since they can be located around the business, they are very effective at bringing in new customers to the business that are curious or interested in the marketing message provided on the display.

Not all banners and banner stands are designed with real-world conditions in mind. It is important to consider several different factors when selecting banners and stands for short or long-term advertising and marketing campaigns.

Type of Banner

The size and type of banner selected will impact the type of outdoor banner stands that are the best fit. There are some stands that are designed to create a mini-wall type of display, allowing for a larger image, additional text, and a bigger overall presentation.

Smaller stands and banners, typically with a vertical orientation, can be used to flank doors or window areas of the store or building, providing specific information on the business, sales, promotions, events or specials. These stands can be used on a continual basis, with the banner itself changed to meet your marketing and advertising needs.

Durability and Stability

Generally, the best outdoor banner stands are going to be made of plastic and non-corrosive types of metals like aluminum. Not only does this prevent the stand from rusting if exposed to rain, humidity or snow, but it also provides great strength without being bulky.

Plastic bases that are designed to be filled with water are a perfect option. They can be easily stored when not in use and are very lightweight to move. Once in position, the base of the stand is simply filled with water, providing stability even in windy conditions.

To learn more about the options in small to large outdoor banner stands offered at New York Banner Stands, see us online. Information on all of our stands and banners is available at www.newyorkbannerstands.com.

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