Options In Welding Services And Why They Matter

There are several different options to consider when joining metal parts. In many types of applications, particularly on heavy duty types of parts, components, equipment, and machines, welding is often the best option. With different types of welding to consider, choosing the right system is an important consideration for any production requirements.

Manual or Robotic

It is increasingly effective to use technology in welding services. Robotic welding systems provide precise, identical and extremely controlled weldments for any type of part or component.

Robotic welding is cost-effective, particularly for large volume orders. It is also a process that is an essential consideration for critical parts and components and in welds where precision and tight tolerances and standards are a requirement.

Manual welding is also a key factor for most welding services. Certified, experienced welders are able to provide precision welds on large or small components. These welders have the experience and expertise to choose the right welding option as well as the correct technique to complete welds that are durable, long-lasting and very precise.

Type of Welding Method

While stick welding, also known as manual metal arc welding or SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), is practical and effective for many different types of metals and weld requirements, it is not the only option.

MIG or metal inert gas welding uses wire on a continuous feed, making it ideal for long seams and precise types of weld areas. TIG or tungsten inert gas welding uses welding rods that are extended into the weld puddle to create the weld. Generally, for lighter weight workpieces and for extremely precise types of small welds, TIG is considered the best option, but both can be used on most common metals including aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steels.

Working with experienced welding services allows you to discuss the welding options available, then choose the ideal process based on the alloy, the type of weldment required and the cost.

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